Introducing your new Warehouse BFF


Introducing your new Warehouse BFF


Introducing your new Warehouse BFF

  • droneWare

    Emergys optimizing warehouses

  • Google Cloud

    Google Cloud Platform

    Conozca los beneficios de la nube de Google, y como impactan de manera positiva en su negocio.
  • Red Hat Openshift


    La plataforma de nube híbrida de posibilidad abierta: potente y flexible, para que pueda construir cualquier cosa y que funcione en cualquier lugar.
  • IBM Cloud Paks

    IBM Cloud Paks

    Migre sus aplicaciones empresariales a cualquier nube de manera abierta, rápida y segura
  • IBM Watson

    IBM Watson

    El poder de la inteligencia artificial al servicio de su empresa


Emergys Optimizing Warehouses

Make it Fun

Make it Efficient

Improves safety in warehouse operations!

Free up your employees to perform higher value work!

Implement an intelligent drone-based solution to automate warehouse repetitive tasks

From cycle counting to search and location and anomaly detection droneWare can help your company monitor and register inventory changes directly to SAP.

Integration with SAP & Other ERP’s

Automate warehouse inventory tracking, cycle counting & monitoring to reduce overstocking, eliminating the risk of manual errors., while uploading inventory results directly to SAP and other ERP systems.

Still Counting Manually?

Digitize your Inventory Process

droneWare will streamline inventory maintenance, requiring fewer man-hours, as the tracking, management, and inventory can be controlled and assessed using the drones at a faster pace than normal management procedures.


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